• Free for business
  • More tips for employees
  • Hassle-free for customers
Cashless tips
made easy
We allow customers
to leave a cashless tip
quickly and effortlessly
How to connect?
Attend a 15-30 minute demo
Receive your tipping QR code and templates for printing by email
Deliver the QR code to your customers
Register a Profee account
Benefits for business
  • Google Maps, Tripadvisor and other integrations
  • Monitor staff performance
More native reviews and ratings
  • Gives your customers an additional service
  • Motivates your team to satisfy your guests
  • Help guests reward great service fairly
Higher loyalty and retention of your customers
  • Increases your employees income without additional costs
  • 100% transparency and trust within the team
Higher motivation of employees and less turnover
  • Tips go directly to employees without touching the business
Remove administrative pain around card tips
  • No additional hardware is required to be installed or used
  • No need for an agreement between the company and us
  • Doesn’t disrupt existing business processes
Easy and quick connection
Completely free for business
  • No setup or subscription fee
  • Only 2%+€0.05 from employees, likely covered by guests
  • Cancel any time without costs
Benefits for employees
More tips on average
Don’t wait till payroll
Tips are instantly ready to be spent
Transparent and fair splitting of tips
Benefits for guests
Guests can leave a tip on their own without awkward talks with employees. Like with cash tips, but contactless.
Discreet, contactless and hassle-free
With the use of Google Pay / Apple Pay, customers can leave a tip in just a few seconds without being a techie
Quick and effortless
All transactions are equally secured as payment is executed with a bank card or Apple Pay / Google Pay
Secure and safe payment
No need to register or download anything
No app required
It’s always fun and exciting to try something new
New digital experience
Almost half of guests do not have cash with them and therefore can not leave the tip. That’s what your team loses everyday.
Allows to say “thank you” when cash is not handy
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Some of the venues you can find our QR codes
Custom setup fee**
2% + €0.05* Service Fee for employees
Apple Pay and Google Pay
True 5-star reviews on Google Maps
Profee financial app
Profee Visa card
Branded templates for the QR code
Branded tipping page
Printing and delivery is optionally on us
Completely free for business
2% + €0.05* Service Fee for employees
Apple Pay and Google Pay
True 5-star reviews on Google Maps
Profee financial app
Profee Visa card
Default templates for the QR code
Default tipping page
Printing is on your own
* >70% of customers compensate the Service Fee.

** Depends on business implementation. Please book a demo to figure out the exact cost.
Sign up for a 15-30 minutes demo and start accepting cashless tips overnight.
Connect cashless tips ONCE – make your staff happier FOREVER
Receive tips to your Profee card and spend it right away
Profee Visa card
  • Google Pay & Apple Pay contactless Payments
  • ATM withdrawals from physical Visa card
  • Profee financial app
  • Internet payments
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