• Instant and direct tipping from customers' smartphones
  • No app required — customers just scan a simple QR code
  • Transparency and safety in each transaction
  • 100% free for businesses
Scan, Tip, Go!
Tip in 10 sec
Easy to use for everyone

The recipient registers with the service and receives a personal QR code
Customers access the tipping web page on their phones by scanning the QR code or clicking the link sent via text message
Customers select the tip amount, choose the payment method, and confirm the tip which is instantly wired to its recipient
Amid the pandemic crisis, venues have become increasingly cashless, ending opportunity for the staff to ‘keep the change’. This shift is having devastating effects on the tipping habits: 70% of customers don’t tip anymore.

Now you can bridge the gap with Profee Tips, the digital ally for frontline workers. Together we can bring about positive change by creating a culture of transparent and fair tipping in the service sector.
Here to help in the time of COVID-19
Designed to boost tips revenues for
Hospitality staff
Place the QR code on the bill, business card or table tent
Hairdressers & Stylists
Stick the QR code on the mirror or put up a table tent in the reception area
Delivery drivers
Attach a business card, flyer or invoice with a QR code to your order upon delivery
Sports coaches
Send a link after the training, put a QR code patch on the uniform
Car workshop workers
Hand out a business card, send a link or a purchase order with the QR code
  • Help customers feel empowered and safe
  • Monitor daily staff performance for free and reduce red tape
  • Collect many more reviews and ratings from your clients
Improve team productivity
  • Increase your tips by 40% and get rewarded for you hard work
  • Don’t wait until payroll, receive tax free tips instantly
  • Reduce hidden costs and earn more
Say bye to missed tips
Share your unique QR code
Place your QR codes anywhere convenient in your business space for your customers and guests to see
Business cards
Table tents
Clothes and accessories
  • Share it via SMS, email or push notifications
  • Post it on your website or social media
  • Display the link on live stream
Clients can also tip using your personal link
Free for Businesses; a Service Fee of 2% + 0.05€ s deducted from each tip. All transaction and acquiring fees are included.
of the tippers compensate for this Service Fee
> 95%
For ATM cash withdrawals with Profee Visa card
Receive tips right to your profee card and spend it right away
Profee card
  • Google Pay & Apple Pay сontactless Payments
  • ATM withdrawals from physical Visa card
  • Profee app
  • Internet payments
Upgrade your business
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